Monday, July 12, 2021

Blogger Tricks -- Easy Blogger Tips and tricks For New Bloggers

If you're new to blogger then you will end up happy to understand there are several simple blogger tricks and tips that you should use today while using Blogger and Wordpress free.

Getting traffic is one of the biggest challenges for making profit affiliate marketing. One of the finest ways to improve your se rankings, and to start driving traffic to your affiliate sales sites is to produce a web or funnel of sites within your market.

Let's have a look at using Google's Blogger to produce a free blog that helps us create our sales funnel. If you have a Google Gmail account, you can head to and setup a fresh blog in just a couple moments. If you don't have a Google Account, it will get you a few more minutes to create an account, but you will still have a fresh blog up and running within just 10 minutes.

Although Blogger offers you a way to "Monetize" your internet site, I usually avoid this. The monetize portion of Blogger places AdSense ads on your blog, and for an affiliate marketer, that detracts from moving people through our funnel to the offer we want to promote. I take advantage of Blogger to host a few articles linked to my niche, usually choosing topics with lower search results and low competition for my posts. I keep my highest quality content, and phrases for my money making sites. I create links to my primary affiliate sales sites from my Blogger sites, using my targeted keywords as the text of the link. You must social bookmark your blogger posts, to make sure the search engines locate the posts. Since I'm focusing on really low competition phrases, these pages sometimes rank well, passing more relevance onto my main sites.

Don't worry an excessive amount of about the look of your Blogger site, we are primarily utilizing it to pass people and se ranking onto our affiliate marketing sites.

You should also take the time to produce a free WordPress blog at I put it to use in almost the same manner to Blogger. Among the big difference between Blogger and, could be the monetize feature. You will not look for a monetize feature on, but unless purchase a Premium account they could display their ads to your visitors. Again, this not just a big thing to worry about. We're using the blog to improve how many back links to your main sites, and to have the ability to target phrases we might not need to make use of on our main money making sites.

If you should be using WordPress for your affiliate marketing internet sites, then you will end up very knowledgeable about the interface. You will have less features on your free blog, but they are not features we need for creating links to your affiliate sales pages.

Adding free WordPress and Blogger pages into your web of sites brings traffic into your sales funnel, and increased ranking to your affiliate marketing sites. Both WordPress and Blogger are regularly crawled by Google, which helps most of your money site be found and regularly crawled, also.

Utilising the power of Blogger and WordPress free blogs, can assist you to produce more traffic in your sales funnel, which creates more opportunity to create higher profits in your affiliate business. These blogger tricks and WordPress tips are easy to implement and a good way to have started.

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